The initial makeup of the group included those physicians who were greatly influenced by an abstinent based Twelve Step oriented philosophy and also many who were involved in the use of maintenance drugs such as Suboxone and Methadone. When the early group began its discourse on the email group, there were often passionate arguments and debates. There are those who are concerned about any mind altering drug including medications such as antidepressants. On the other side of this, there are those that seem to be more liberal in their use of medication assisted interventions. Much deliberation as to who is right occurred. At the end, there was the acknowledgement that the science of recovery is limited. Who might benefit from longer term maintenance with drugs is unknown. Long term effects of these drugs worries many, but the data is not yet available. However, most agreed that many had benefited from the judicious use of medication assisted treatment. Further, that there are also many factors that might influence the Best Practice such as demographics, treatment availability, economic resources, biologic issues and psychological issues. Most importantly, we could all agree that psychosocial and spiritual interventions are always important in the treatment of drug addiction.

Further, we are all believers in the great power of the Twelve Steps. So in the end, our Philosophy Statement represents a broad “tent” under which we could all stay cozy.