For the Trusted Servants, it is difficult to determine what is and is not appropriate in our Like Minded Docs email group. We often learn much from someone’s passionate expression of their view point.  But, we also believe there are proper ways to express our opinions and observations. The Trusted Servants have provided the below as a guideline for posting:

  1. Discussions should be directed by the objectives stated in our Mission Statement.
  2. Temperament of discussion should consider that this group has attempted to be inclusive of the broad range of viewpoints and opinions of those who support our Philosophy statement.  As David S has often stated, our “tent” needs to be “big.”
  3. As we believe strongly in spiritual values,  all posts should be guided by principles of honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, tolerance, patience, respect, integrity and most importantly, lovingkindness.
  4. We strongly endorse the guidance of putting ‘principles before personalities.’