How to change your password:
  1. Log out from current session
  2. Click Log In on Main Menu
  3. On the login form, click on the words “Lost or want to change your password?”
  4. It will open a place to add your “Email address” 
  5. Enter your Email Address and you will be sent an email from [email protected].  That email will contain a “link”  that you click on and it will take you to a new form to put in your new password.  Follow the instructions on the form. Note that it will have a ‘god awful’ looking default password that you can change to whatever you wish.

Possible problems:

  • If you cannot find the link sent from[email protected], check your junk mail or SPAM folders.
  • Some ISP/Domains may block emails coming from [email protected] because of their restriction or firewall settings.   Most of the major email services such as AOL, GMAIL, YAHOO, Comcast, HotMail, MSN, Cox, ME, MAC, iCloud – have not reported difficulties.  If you have a ‘private domain’ or an edu domain this could be the culprit.  You would have to check with your IT Admin to resolve this one which is usually not a problem.


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