If you are having difficulty posting or receiving email from LMD, below are some possible solutions.  First note that the email group is hosted by TwelveStepsRecovery@googlegroups.com and not directly linked to this website.

  1. Make certain that you are using the same email that was used to originally register.  This should also be the same one you use as your ID for this website.  The email that you use for the LMD email group and this site can only be changed by the ADMIN.
  2. Check to see if your emails are in the SPAM or JUNK mail folders.
  3. Sometimes your postings may be ‘buried’/nested within an email thread that requires you to expand the thread to be viewed.
  4. Some ISP/Domains may block emails coming from our TwelveStepsRecovery@googlegroups.com because of their restrictions or firewall settings.   Most of the major email services such as AOL, GMAIL, YAHOO, Comcast, HotMail, MSN, Cox, ME, MAC, iCloud – have not reported difficulties.  If you have a ‘private domain’ or an EDU domain this could be the culprit.  You would have to check with your IT Admin to resolve this one which is usually not a problem.


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